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Preventive care slows or stops the progression of tooth decay and gum disease. With attention to your diet and oral hygiene at home, along with coming in twice per year for an examination and teeth cleaning, you can experience optimal oral wellness. At the dental practice of Rolling Hills Dentistry, prevention is the highest priority.

Dental plaque is the filmy bacteria that forms on and between you teeth, as well as at the gum line. It is fueled by your consumption of sugar and starch, eroding your tooth enamel to form cavities. It also irritates your gums, the primary symptom of gingivitis, or early stage periodontal disease. Later, inflammation and even infection of your gum tissue can occur. It that happens, you’ll likely notice that your gums bleed when you brush your teeth. Other possible indicators are receding gums and consistently bad breath. Those are effects that our Danbury dental office can help you avoid. The preventive care that we provide here centers around a teeth cleaning, in which hardened tartar buildup is removed. This is key, because tartar is a form of dental plaque, and the longer it stays around, the greater chance there is of new cavities and further periodontal disease. Speaking of which, the signs of gingivitis are reversed with a teeth cleaning (or two in stubborn cases). And if you have any cavities, it is the goal of our Danbury dental office to find them and fill them before they grow large enough to risk a toothache or an infection, which can ultimately lead to root canal therapy or tooth loss.

Don’t let preventive care become an afterthought. Right now, while it’s on your mind, reach out to our Danbury dental office and schedule your next visit for an examination and cleaning. Your teeth and gums will be better off for it.

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