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Preventive care in Danbury

Danbury dental office

Danbury dental office

Preventive care at Rolling Hills Dentistry is the essential component to a total strategy designed to combat gum disease, along with tooth decay and the cavities that result. Our priority is to put prevention first, and treatment considered only as the failsafe.

Dental plaque (and tartar, which is plaque in its hardened form) is the reason behind the problems that our Danbury dental office is trying to prevent. It grows on teeth and between teeth and gums, resulting in small holes in your teeth. These cavities can put you at risk of toothaches, infections, and needing treatment for them. At worst, you could lose one or more teeth. Plaque also impacts your gums. Redness and irritation are the key signs of early stage gum disease, gingivitis. In the later stage, periodontitis, you can expect inflammation, infection, receding gums, bleeding when you brush, persistent bad breath, loss of gum and bone, and loose teeth. It makes sense that the earlier in the process you deal with plaque, the fewer consequences it is likely to produce. Of course, you brush twice per day and floss before bed, and that is fantastic. You can’t do it all on your own, however. The reason for six month visits to our Danbury dental office for a full examination and teeth cleaning is that some plaque remains out of reach of your oral hygiene, turning into tartar which then needs professional attention to efficiently eliminate. Our teeth cleanings eradicate tartar buildup and residual plaque, while also reversing the effects of gingivitis and preventing it from advancing to the later stage of periodontitis. And our examinations make certain that any cavities are filled in a timely manner.

Please call our Danbury dental office today and schedule an appointment to come in for the utmost in preventive care.

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Danbury Dentist

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Danbury Dentist

Danbury Dentist

Preventive care doesn’t just mean brushing and flossing, though that is a major part of it. Here at the office of Rolling Hills Dentistry, preventive care also includes twice-yearly visits to get a full dental examination and teeth cleaning. Our Danbury dentist wants you to have every possible advantage when it comes to maintaining strong, cavity-free teeth, and vibrant, healthy gums.

Every single day, you have to be concerned with what dental plaque is silently doing to your oral health. It’s an invisible bacterial film that erodes your tooth enamel and reddens and irritates your gums. And that’s just for starters. Over time, a small cavity formed through the decay that plaque causes can become considerably larger. That puts you at risk for an infection in the pulp of your tooth, right next to the nerve. And if that happens, you’ll require root canal. You could even end up losing your tooth to an extraction. Our Danbury dentist would like to see to it that never happens. The redness and irritation of gum disease can progress to more alarming symptoms, among which are receding gums, persistent bad breath, and bleeding when you brush. Given enough time, your gum and bone tissue can atrophy, and the result might be loose teeth that are prone to falling out. If all of the above sounds scary, it should be reassuring that one visit every six months to our Danbury dentist can keep those consequences from happening. A teeth cleaning is the ultimate preventive care. It eliminates plaque along with hardened tartar buildup. It also reverses the effects of early stage gum disease, stopping it from advancing.

Contact our office today, and let us schedule you for a convenient time to come in. A dental exam and cleaning are the cornerstones of optimal oral well-being.   

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