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Teeth whitening in 06810

06810 dental office
06810 dental office

The procedure of teeth whitening is one that has been refined with the help of advancements in technology that now allow us at Rolling Hills Dentistry to provide you with impressive and long-lasting results, safe from enamel damage. What more could you ask?

Our 06810 dental office makes it so convenient to get your teeth whiter. You do it at home by simply wearing our comfortable whitening trays. Here’s how it works: you come in and our cosmetic dentist takes impressions of your teeth, which are then turned over to the dental lab, where they make your trays to precise standards of accuracy. That means they’ll fit perfectly. You will then be supplied with solution that will be put into the trays. You wear them each day for a short period time (maybe 2 to 3 hours), and continue to do that for several days up to a couple of weeks, depending on how stained and discolored your teeth are when you start, and how white you would like them to be. Some of our valued patients prefer not to make their smile overly white, so that the change will seem less noticeable and more natural. The choices are all up to you, and our 06810 dental office is pleased to oblige. How long will the effects of the whitening last you? It is reasonable to expect at least a year, though you may get up to 5 years out of them. This depends on factors such as what habits you have (smoking, coffee or tea drinking, etc.), as well as if you decide to perform periodic whitening maintenance with our trays (or using a safe store-bought method).

At our 06810 dental office, we want your teeth to look their best now and always. All you need do is call us to arrange an appointment and we can get the process started.

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